Home Massage is a company providing massage services & alternative therapies at the customer’s place.
We serve the largest cities in Greece and we gradually expand our operations to the entire country. You can view the places we serve at any given time.

It is quick & simple:

a) Choose the therapist of your choice from the section Therapists, according to their program.

b) Book a massage session through phone at +30 2117700026 or fill in our online form at Contact us => Book Online.

Note : An appointment is considered finalized only upon phone confirmation (You call us to book a session, or else we call you for confirmation if you choose to book a session via our online form).

This is up to you : A massage session can be held at your house, even at a hotel or a private yacht / jet . Due to the personal contact that is involved in a massage session, we emphasize that our company provides exclusively professional massage services as listed at the Services section. Our therapists are professionals.

Our calling center and our services are available to our customers every day of the week (Monday to Sunday) in the hours between 09:00 – 23:00.

The earliest sessions start at 09:00, while those that begin before 11:30 need to be booked from the day before. The last sessions of the day, end at 23:00.

Whenever you ask us, as long as the therapist of your choice is available at your desired time period (see Therapists’ Program).

All sessions need to be booked at least 2 hours in advance for obvious reasons.

You can see them at the Price list section of our website.

There are 2 ways in which you can pay us:

a) Upon the ending of a session, the money is paid to the therapist in cash, while you are given a receipt of payment.

b) You are given the option to pay online via card, at the Book an appointment session of our website.

You can subscribe to our newsletter so that you may receive all updates and exclusive offers run by Home Massage at any given time period.

The process is very simple, just fill in your name, your email and your city of residence in order to receive the specific updates of your interest. Your email as well as any other information you may give us, are absolutely safe. We maintain strict confidentiality and protection with our customers’ private data.

Of course! You can do this quite quickly and simply at the Make a gift section of our website.

A great thing you can do is just relax and get in the mood of the whole philosophy behind our services. Massage means pleasure, so the best thing one can do to enjoy it is to enter the right state of mood: Relaxed and happy. Moreover, both for your own well being and for reasons of “savoir vivre”, it is suggested that you take a shower before the arrival of the therapist at your place.

Eventually, your desired session begins with the arrival of the therapist. You may inform them of any possible health issues or recent injuries, as well as any allergies you may have in body oils.

As the session progresses, you may talk to the therapist anytime about how you feel or whether you want them to make any changes in their treatment.

Absolutely, at the individual therapist’s profile located at the Therapists section, there is a form for submitting comments for each therapist. One can leave a comment only if they have had a massage session with a therapist.