Ashiatsu – Barefoot


Αshiatsu is an updated, Western version of an ancient form of bodywork: massage using the feet. Its roots can be found in a variety of Eastern healing techniques that stretch back thousands of years. Though gentle, the Ashiatsu massage offers a depth unmatched by any other massage technique.

Ashiatsu massages are done with the client laying face down on the massage table. The therapist stands over the client on the massage table and uses her feet to massage the client. The advantage of Ashiatsu – for both client and practitioner – is that it allows gravity to do the work, leveraging the therapist’s body weight to deliver the deepest massage available today.

Ashiatsu offers deep compression, without discomfort. In many ways, the long, flowing strokes of Ashiatsu are similar to a Swedish massage – only deeper than the hands can deliver. Your session will end with a relaxing, traditional massage of the shoulders and feet.

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