Holistic Massage Athens

It is considered by many as the most advanced system of massage therapy. In a holistic massage session, a holistic approach is implemented. The individual is treated as a multidimensional human being with body, mind and soul, whilst every part of the body is treated as a shell of a greater organism.

A combination of various massage techniques is implemented, such as Swedish, Lymphatic, Sports, Deep Tissue, Cellulite etc.

The benefits of such a treatment could be innumerous since a holistic massage treatment affects the nervous system directly, while the respiratory and the circulatory systems are improved. The lymphatic circulation is reinforced, the muscular and kinetic glitches are treated and skeletal pains are confronted.

A holistic massage aims at reviving the cells of the human body, thus waking up and activating its self- treating ability.

The beneficial effect on our energy body is direct since the energy centers of our body become receptors of therapeutic stimulants throughout the entire process of the treatment. As a result, a holistic massage is expected to comfort you from anxiety & stress, or even relax you from headaches and megrims.

It is an integrated method of restoration that will lead you to well-being and will relieve you from the tensions of the body and the mind.

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