Our Vision

A group of young people with a fervent will to create something productive and useful to the public, envisioned an idea to offer services of wellness and relaxation in a way that is more convenient, more pleasant, more… like home.

The idea was matched with the know-how and Home Massage was born.

Our company was founded to offer high quality services at the space where every human feels relaxed, secure and authentic: Their own private place.

Understanding the uniqueness and the needs of every person, we created an organizational structure that provides the best possible conditions to satisfy the needs of both our clients and our therapists. Our company’s priority is to build relations of trust with the people we work with. Our therapists form a multidimensional team of highly trained professionals with talent and ethics, who share the same values and principles with us. We make sure to provide them with the proper incentives so that they can offer their best self, ensuring high quality service for each one of you. In a constant effort to improve ourselves, we research the needs of our customers on a daily basis. The love and the passion for what we do, our consistency and professionalism are the virtues that define us as a company.

In Home Massage we try to exceed your expectations and even challenge ourselves by constantly setting higher goals. Our company’s aspiration is to give a new meaning to the term “mobile massage” and take it to a new dimension where quality and trust can be taken for granted. Associating our brand name with high class quality service, is essential to us.

In this era which is defined by speed, our society has neglected basic values that are vital for a harmonious co-existence but also for our evolution as human beings. Taking care of our body is one of those values and it is more necessary in our times than ever before. Massage might be considered to be a luxury for many people, however its beneficial effect in one’s body and spirit make it an essential commodity for every modern person.

Home Massage is created to give the ancient art of massage the social status it deserves, making it part of our culture once again.