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Anna is one of those people who were born to become massage therapists. Her love for the art of massage began when she was a child and is has always been there. Her sincere concern for a human being as a whole and her slow movements with a “Zen” tone are the elements that make her stand out. She is a very gentle soul, very conscious on her work.

Since 2013 she has attended numerous seminars such as Antistress massage, Hot Stones, facial massage, aromatherapy etc.
She has previously worked at the best spa center of Athens and has gained working experience on office corporate massage treatments (Shiatsu on chair) where she was trained and hired by the No1 company in Athens in that field.

Additionally, Anna has had very successful working experience on a couple of major luxury Yachts in the Mediterranean since 2016.
She has a 3 year experience in practicing massage at home (mobile massage) and in some occasions in the past she has voluntarily offered her services to people of the third age.

She also does face lymphatic massage.

A massage session with Anna would be highly recommended to people who suffer from migraines, have sleep disorders, or chronic stress, but also for anyone really who simply need to feel better through a “healing” touch. We as a company absolutely take pride on Anna Maria whose massage skills are much higher than what her 5 year experience would indicate. Her technique along with her super polite and respectful manners and her sincere care in relieving one’s pain, make her one of the best massage therapist our company has ever worked with.


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3 reviews

  1. Wonderful in every way… such a pleasure to have received this lady’s high quality massage service and I was also positively surprised that I managed to get my massage even though I called in the last minute. All the stress was kicked away when Anna started working on my back! Many thanks guys!

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